Utah Flatbed Trucks: Common Load Types Transported

flatbed trucks load types

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some simple basics on what flatbed trucks are, their dimensions, and how they differ from other truck types. Flatbed trucking is one of the most popular forms of trucking out there, and anyone interested in it should be well aware of how it works and which sorts of products or materials are best transported using this method. 

At Tim Savage Trucking, we’re proud to offer a wide range of flatbed hauling and related services throughout Utah, delivering your cargo on-time and with pristine safety every single time. For those new to this world, today’s part two of our series will look at some of the common uses of flatbed trucks today and why this method might be best for your shipping needs.

Building Material Transport

One of the single most common uses of flatbed trucking today is to transport building materials, construction equipment, and supplies. Flatbeds are an excellent choice for this sort of load because they allow the driver to precisely control the speed and angle of ascent or descent when offloading equipment. Due to their size, these types of trucks make excellent choices for over-sized items like lumber, piping, generators, etc.

Scrap Metal Removal and Transport

Scrap metal is often left over after various projects, and flatbeds are one of the best ways to clear it out and offer it up for recycling. Flatbeds can easily handle a wide range of scrap metal, regardless of size or shape, and even small pieces can be moved around efficiently due to their low profile.

Shipping Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)

Also known as a super sack, FIBC containers are large, bulk containers consisting of flexible, multilayer bags designed mainly for bulk transport. FIBCs often contain grains, sand and gravel, chemicals, and even more exotic materials such as foodstuffs and fertilizers. Flatbeds are an excellent choice for this kind of haul because of how flat they are and their speed of unloading.

Tire Bail Transportation

To cut down on the waste created by old tires that have been discarded from vehicles, tires will be baled together for reducing, reuse and recycling. However, a single bale of tires can weigh hundreds of pounds, and is often too heavy for modern forklifts to handle. Flatbeds are perfectly capable of hauling this sort of cargo without any trouble at all, and can perform quick balance checks with their standard scales.

Heavy Equipment

Finally, whether in construction or any other field, flatbeds are ideal for hauling heavy equipment like scrapers and road rollers. This type of material is large, heavy, and bulky, making flatbeds the perfect choice for moving it from one site to another without wasting time or risking accidents.

As you can see, flatbed trucks are an ideal option for just about any type of haul that doesn’t require a drop-deck. You can’t always predict what you’ll be hauling next, so being able to use a truck that has the widest range of applications possible is ideal for any business.

For more on any of our flatbed or other trucking services in Utah, speak to the staff at Tim Savage Trucking today.

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