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Flatbed Hauling

In Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, flatbed hauling services from Tim Savage Trucking help ensure that your cargo gets where it needs to go, safely, affordably and on time.

Alloy wheel

Belt Trailer Hauling

As one of the premier Utah belt trailer hauling companies, Tim Saving Trucking is committed to providing transportation solutions that are scaled to your needs and budgetary requirements.

Air conditioning

Power-Only Hauling

In Utah, power-only hauling services from Tim Savage Trucking provide a flexible, affordable option for helping you achieve your transport and hauling goals, whatever they might be.


Petroleum Hauling

Specialized in bulk petroleum hauling. Hauling in Utah, Texas and Wyoming. Drivers are carded at most local refinery’s. Contact for more details.

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 Since 2012 Tim Savage Trucking has been know to always put our customers first, with on time deliveries and 24 hour service. Over the years we have continued to grow our customer base as well as our fleet, but still maintained personalized customer service.

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