Risk Management Themes for Utah Flatbed Trucking

risk management Utah flatbed trucking

Like with many other fields where professionals are involved in assisting you with required services, flatbed trucking is a world where risk management is important. Driving a flatbed, belt trailer or any other kind of commercial hauling is simply more difficult and carries more risks than driving a normal car, for instance, and this realm is part of why individuals and companies turn to the best in the industry for their trucking and transport needs.

At Tim Savage Trucking, we’re proud to fill this role for clients throughout Utah, offering quality flatbed hauling throughout the state to get your freight where it needs to be in the proper amount of time. What are some of the very simple areas of risk management that must be considered for any trucking or hauling need, and how do our professionals maintain these areas for you during any job you require? Here’s a primer.

Trucking and Simple Risks

As we noted above, driving a truck or any heavy-haul vehicle is more difficult than other vehicle types, and often requires specific training. In addition, themes like poor road conditions, busy job-sites and larger vehicles – which mean closer quarters – combine to create risks that would not be present in other scenarios, and must be managed to avoid compromising the safety of anyone involved.

Luckily, this is why you hire trucking professionals. Not only do we have all the proper licensure and certifications required in the state of Utah, we’re also experts on risk management at every stage of your hauling needs, from loading to unpacking. Our next couple sections will go over two of the simplest areas we’ll hit on when it comes to risk management.

Following Proper Routes

When heavy hauls are involved, it’s vital that the proper routes be chosen. Not only is this area important for taking the most efficient route, there are actual state laws regarding things like legal freight dimensions, weight of the freight and more – and these may impact the routes truckers are allowed to drive in some cases.

Once again, this is why working with experienced pros is so important. Our drivers determine the ideal route before driving, using a combination of their own expertise, our analytics and state guidelines. At our offices, managers are able to track our truck locations using fleet telematics to ensure no permitted routes are being deviated from.

Safe Driving Practices and Hiring

It’s also vital that you work with drivers who hire safe driving practices, especially while in residential areas. We have strict, detailed policies against distracted or drowsy driving – policies that are laid out clearly during our hiring process, which is also detailed and thorough. We only hire knowledgeable, experienced truckers who comply with all local rules and regulations, not only for the sake of it but also to keep your hauled loads protected and safe.

For more on risk management in the flatbed trucking realm, or to learn about any of our trucking or transport services, speak to the staff at Tim Savage Trucking today.

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