Qualities of a Top-Notch Flatbed Trucking Company

qualities flatbed trucking company

Like with any high-value service you or your business is considering from a third-party vendor, it pays to do your research. Evaluating multiple potential partners for their qualities, pricing and other factors is always the right move, and the flatbed trucking transport world is no exception.

At Tim Savage Trucking, we’re proud to offer a wide range of flatbed hauling, belt trailer hauling, petroleum transport and numerous related services for a variety of clients. We’re happy to have our services compared to others in our industry – not only do we want all clients to get the very best services for their needs, we’re supremely confident we’re the best ones to provide those services for a variety of areas. Here are several areas you should be evaluating when choosing any flatbed trucking company to ensure you’re working with a reputable, quality partner like us.

Licensure and Insurance

First and most importantly, any trucking company that cannot show you proof of business licensure and proper insurance for all work provided should be immediately removed from your list. These are simply must-haves in this industry, protecting both drivers and clients in case of emergency or unexpected events – any trucking company without them is not legitimate.

It’s important to ask for full proof here, not just blindly trust someone’s word. Sadly, there are dishonest people and even companies out there who will happily lie if you don’t force them to show their work.

Safety Standards

Flatbed shipping is an industry that often involves heavy items being shipped, from construction materials and industrial equipment to expensive items like cars or machinery. Both for the care of these high-value items and for the safety of everyone involved, it’s important to ask about protective measures taken by a trucking company.

These include both packing areas and some others. Ensure products will be properly secured and protected, but also that the company is prepared for poor road conditions and related risks.

Driver Qualifications

Another important factor for any flatbed shipping company is the profile and qualifications of drivers. Drivers must have all the proper licensure and skills to handle the rigs they’re driving. You should also inquire about any criminal history or past issues with a license, such as suspension or related concerns.

Quality of Fleet

And finally, does the company you’re considering have a high-quality fleet of vehicles available to serve you? The best companies have newer vehicles that are well-maintained and kept in great shape, meaning clients will never have to worry about unexpected breakdowns or related concerns while on the road.

For more on identifying ideal qualities of a flatbed trucking company, or to learn about any of our flatbed hauling and related solutions, speak to the staff at Tim Savage Trucking today.

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