On Insurance Coverage for Utah Flatbed Trucking

insurance coverage flatbed trucking

Like with many other industries that may involve high-value items or property, insurance is a major consideration for many within the flatbed trucking world. Clients considering a heavy hauling partner want to know that they’re covered with the proper forms of insurance in case of any unexpected event, and you should not proceed with any hauling company if they cannot provide you with important details here.

At Tim Savage Trucking, we’re proud to offer several high-quality flatbed freight services throughout Utah, from standard flatbed hauling to belt trailer hauling, hazmat trucking and several other areas. We’re happy to discuss insurance coverage we provide with any of our prospective clients, and we know this is a very important realm for many of our customers. Why is it so important for a trucking company to have proper insurance in place, and how are you protected as a client? Here’s a brief primer.

Law Compliance

First and foremost, any trucking company or entity that cannot provide a minimum level of cargo insurance is actually disobeying federal law. US law requires that heavy haul trucking companies carry at least $100,000 in cargo insurance.

Failure to comply with this law can, and does, have a major impact on businesses. It may lead to fines or even the shutting down of the business in certain cases where repeated non-compliance has taken place. And for several reasons, including their own security and protection, clients should never work with a trucking company that doesn’t insure their freight.

Accident Protection

Insurance is very important for clients in the realm of accident and negligence protection, as well. The most common form of accident here is an actual vehicle collision while on the road, but there are other types too, including human error in material handling or other related concerns. Proper insurance protects clients from these risks, however unlikely they may be – it’s always better to be safe than sorry, as they say.

Item Coverage

Finally, there are some cases where business clients may require high-value items to be transported via heavy haul trucking. If the value exceeds the insurance coverage of the trucking company in question, there’s a real chance of clients being exposed to major risk.

If you’re in this position, inquiring about the specifics of insurance coverage is very important. Many hauling companies offer insurance for far greater than the $100,000 minimum we went over above, including some who range their coverage up to $1 million to assist clients with high-value items. Be sure all your items are covered before moving forward.

For more on important insurance themes for any flatbed trucking situation, or to learn about any of our petroleum transport or flatbed hauling services in Utah, speak to the staff at Tim Savage Trucking today.

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