Minimizing Delays When Hiring a Flatbed Trucking Partner

minimizing delays flatbed trucking

Timing is a crucial consideration for many within the flatbed transport realm, and its themes are present on both ends of the spectrum. While many think about timing in terms of trucking partners meeting all the required deadlines after being hired, there are also several basic preparation areas clients and hauling partners can take while engaging in the hiring process that will reduce delays and ensure all your goods are transported not only in a timely fashion, but also safely and securely.

At Tim Savage Trucking, we’re here to help. We understand how important it is to all our clients that their materials be delivered promptly and on-schedule, and we take steps to limit delays and maximize efficiency throughout our flatbed hauling and other trucking services. When it comes to the consultation and hiring process of a trucking company, what are some of the basic themes you can keep in mind to streamline the steps involved? Here are some simple tips.

Advanced Permit Applications

As many who have dealt with flatbed hauling and trucking needs in the past are well aware, there are often permits involved in this process. These may be needed for many large-sized goods, hazardous materials or other situations.

Some of these permits require several days for approval at minimum, if not longer. There are also varying permit types – for instance, for those who want to transport heavy goods on an annual basis, there will be annual permits required, and you should apply for this at least a month in advance to avoid delays. We recommend looking into any other permits you may need well ahead of time, and getting a head start on applying for them so there are no delays once you’re ready to ship.

State Rules

Each state in the US has its own specific rules regarding transporting various forms of heavy equipment and materials, and you have to be well aware of the specifics for any state you’ll be transporting through. Rules here may vary widely, from themes like hauling dimensions for tunnel travel through pilot vehicles that are required for certain loads. State rules also dig into important themes like required signage for oversized goods, which you must be in compliance with.

Route Specifics

Down related lines, the specific route equipment will be transported on plays a big role in preparation. Not only do permits and rules differ between states, an important factor to track at all times, optimizing the route is a great way to limit man hours and fuel costs for your hauling needs.

For more on how to avoid delays during the flatbed hauling hiring process, or to learn about any of our belt trailer trucking or other services, speak to the staff at Tim Savage Trucking today.

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