Belt Trailer Hauling

Tim Savage Trucking provides belt trailer hauling services to customers in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

With a high degree of flexibility and the capacity to haul a variety of materials, we have established a reputation for being one of the best belt trailer trucking companies in the Intermountain West. As a small, locally owned company, we have maintained our commitment to providing the best belt trailer transport services while providing the maximum level of service and value to our customers.

Our Belted Trailer Hauling Services

Belt trailers are a highly effective means for transporting a variety of materials, from agricultural products to landscaping materials and more. Two of the most valuable features of this transport method are the speed with which materials can be offloaded and the ease of unloading.

We have the ability to move large quantities of materials quickly, thanks to our team of experienced logistics experts.

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Our in-depth knowledge of local, regional and national transport laws, rules and requirements keeps your shipments moving smoothly and helps avoid any unexpected or unnecessary delays.

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Flexibility & Affordable Pricing

Conveyor belt trailer shipping services can be expensive if you don’t select the right hauling company for your needs. The Tim Savage Trucking team is dedicated to providing maximum flexibility for our customers, helping you get your cargo load where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Our fleet of trucks, trailers and transport vehicles, including conveyor belt trailers, has been chosen for maximum value and safety.

Whether you need haul-off services or materials delivered, we work closely with you to ensure that your objectives are met while helping ensure you stay on-budget and on schedule.

The Premier Utah Belt Trailer Trucking Company

Tim Savage Trucking is proud to be the industry leading hauling and transport company in the Salt Lake City area. Our impeccable reputation has earned us a loyal base of customers who place their trust in us to get the job done for them. We know you will appreciate our proactive communication and commitment to always providing exceptional service and value.

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We have an impeccable safety record, which helps us keep our costs as low as possible for our customers. In addition to belt trailer hauling, we also offer flatbed trucking, petroleum and hazmat hauling and power-only services, for your convenience.

We know you have many options for Utah belt trailer trucking companies, but we hope you will provide us with the opportunity to provide a price quote for your transport needs. You can call us to learn more about our company and services, or contact us online now for assistance.

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 Since 2012 Tim Savage Trucking has been know to always put our customers first, with on time deliveries and 24 hour service. Over the years we have continued to grow our customer base as well as our fleet, but still maintained personalized customer service.

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